Many young people struggle with making difficult decisions and practicing self care. They are naturally reluctant to turn to adults for guidance, out of fear of being misunderstood or punished. When faced with the negative consequences of decisions, actions, and innate challenges, a natural tendency is to feel ashamed, guilty, and even victimized due to a sense that no one understands the root causes of these issues.

Tim utilizes his personal and professional experience of more than 25+ years as an adventure guide, treatment professional, and person in long term recovery to engage his clients in a lifelong mentorship/relationship. As a mentor, Tim understands and validates the inner struggle and offers proven guidance toward resolution and purpose. Through a combination of modern counseling techniques, masterful instruction in outdoor skills, and ancient wisdom teachings, Tim is able to partner with his students and shape a course of action toward healing and empowerment.

Trust is a fundamental tool in adventure sports. When learning to climb, paddle, mountain bike, or travel in the backcountry, one learns to trust in the experience of those who have gone before them. Recovery is founded on the same principle of trust. Learning and living in the outdoors opens natural pathways to introspection and understanding unlike any other learning environment. Focusing on basic needs, achieving concrete goals, and dealing with immediate, and often unpredictable challenges, facilitates growth and awareness of one's responsibilities.